What is Classical Music Only?
Classical Music Only started as a YouTube channel in May 2008. Today, Classical Music Only's channel is probably the most popular classical music channel on YouTube with more than 160 MILLION views and 220, 000 subscribers. The Website was launched in alpha phase in mid 2017. The website became in beta stage in the last days of 2017.
What can I do using Classical Music Only?
Many features, but the most essential ones are:
  • Discover classical works using recommendations on your customized homepage
  • Ask for work recommendations and recommend others
  • Open discussions about any composer
  • Open discussions, write reviews and recommend performances on any classical work
  • Create and share lists of classical works
  • Follow your favorite composers and other users to see latest posts and comments on your homepage feed
  • Discover classical works and composers via endless basic lists filtered by many categories
is Classical Music Only free to use?
Yes, it is totally free.
How is karma calculated?
One point for comment and two points for post.
I like Classical Music Only and want to support it!
Thank you! Classical Music Only is a new website and needs support. You can support us by telling your friends about it using Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets. This can be crucial for us to reach everybody who might be interested in classical music. If you want to support us using donations you may do that using Patreon or using Bitcoin by donating to this address: